AmLabs West, located in Boulder, Colorado, is dedicated to providing the best value in the industry on our branded line of pathology-grade microscope slides and related products to professionals in the hospital and specialty laboratory sectors.

AmLabs West provides professional-grade microscope slides, histopathological and immunoperoxidase control slides, coverglass and related products to hospital and specialty laboratories at significantly less than current market price.  We achieve this objective by focusing on products which virtually every lab uses, thereby keeping an active inventory, and by maintaining controls on all expenses other than product development costs.

AmLabs West slides are currently used by many well-known hospital and research labs throughout the USA, from small private practices to Fortune 500 companies.  Our clean, clear glass has excellent optics, uniform shape, and all of our AmFrost™ color frosted slides offer excellent print registration regardless of whether your lab uses inkjet printers or prints manually with lab markers or pencils.  AmLabs™ also offers AmFrost Extra amino-silane treated adhesive slides, and AmFrost Ultra, the best positively-charged value in the business period.

Whatever your lab’s discipline – histology, anatomical pathology, cytology, hematology, chemistry, microbiology – you can trust AmLabs West for professional service and pricing solutions  when it comes to microscope slides, coverglass, or control slides.  Call or email us today for free samples and quotes.


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